the researve the motivation of the students


A. Location of Research
This research will be conducted at English Department of Tarbiyah Faculty IAIN-SU. Which is located in Jl. William Iskandar V Medan Estate. This location is the writer choose because :
1.The location is not so far from the writers house.
2.The students have difference educational background before studying at Tarbiyah Faculty.

1.The location of this research has the education that complete and also the lectures that quality. Tarbiyah Faculty deed some ways, in cluding take lectures to join the post graduate work program (S-2). The lecture has done since 1986. Some of thosewho have followed it :
In 1986: 1. Prof. Dr. H. Haidar Putra Daulay in Yogyakarta.
2. Dr. A. Djafar Siddik, M.A in Yogyakarta.
In 1988 : 1. Dr.H. Fachruddin Azmi, M.A in Yogyakarta
2. Drs. Syaiful Akhyar, M.A. in Yogyakarta
In 1990 : 1. Drs. Nurdi, M.pd in yogyakarta
2. Drs. Askolan Lubis, M.A in Yogyakarta
In 1991 : 1. Drs. Syaukani Hasbi, M.Ed, Adm in Adelaide Australia
2. Drs. Hasan Asari, M.A. in Montreal Canada
In 1994 : 1. Drs. Suprayetno.W, MA in Canada
2. Dra. Retno Sayekti, M. Lis in Canada.
And also many lecturer that Quality such as : Drs. H. Sokon Saragih, Drs.H.M. Daud Ibrahim, Drs. Fahrur Razy Dalimunthe, Drs. Abdurrahman Is, Drs. Mahmud Aziz Siregar, Dr. Zubaidah, M.A, Drs. Syahrum, Mpd, ect.

B. Population and Sample
Population is the total number of people living some where.( As Hornby,1995 : 897 ) Population is also a group of people, which become object of research. Based on the definition above, the population in this research is students of Tarbiyah English Department of IAIN Nort Sumatra. In English Department, there are fourth semester, each semester divided into fourt classes ( TBI-1,TBI-2, TBI-3 and TBI-4 ) for second semester and third semester, and two classes ( TBI-1 and TBI-2 ) for fourth semester and seventh semester ; the number of the students each semester as follows :

Sample is a part of population. According to Suharsimi Arikunto : If the subject less than 100 it is better to take all of them, but if the subject more than 100, it may take between 10-15 % or 20-25 %. So this research takes sample 12 % from 397 students : 50 students. The sample is the studentsof sixth semester at Tarbiyah English Department in IAIN Nort Sumatra, 25 students from TBI-I and 25 students from ` TBI-2.
Furthermore, this research uses purposive sample, which done by taking subject based on certain purpose. Some consideration of taking sixth semester as sample are :
1.The students of sixth semester have enough experience in using English
2.The students had learned about reading comprehension at fourt semester, it is assumed that they already have ability Reading comprehension.
3.The students also have been taught about grammatical, it can be deduct from any error in grammar.
C. Instrument of Collecting Data
Intrument of collecting data is a tool, which is used to collect data in a research. The instrument of data used is in this research are :
a. Interview
b. Observation
c. Test
d. Documentation

D. Technique of Collecting Data

Besed on the technique of instrument, after the writer gives the instrument to the respondent, it will be collected. Then it is collected based on the kind of it.
The writer uses this technique to collect the data by interviewing the head master and English teacher to acquire some information related to the topic of this research.
b. Observation
Observation took place in teaching-Learning process in the classroom, the researve the motivation of the students, their attitude and behavior in teaching process.
c. Test
There are many kinds of tests, one of them is multiple choice or objective test. Objective test is short answer achievement test. There are many kind of objective test, they are :
1. True false items
True false question, that the students are asked to determine true answer or false.
2. Completion items
Completion items is a question which the students must to complete in answering by using word form.
.3. Multiple choice
Multiple choice items is a question in choising form that the students gives the possibility answer. ( Depdikbud, pedoman penulisan, 1989 ; 16 )
A set of test given to the students, the test was arranged according to the main object that will get in reading texts. The form of test is objective test that are consist of 20 items. All the question are multiple choice.
Documentation method means searching data concerning some cases or variable, it may take from : note, book, the paper, magazine, agenda, ect.

E. Operational Definition of Variabel
To avoid misinterpret with this research, it will clarify the definition related to this research. In this research there are two variable, they are :
1.Variable I ” Skimming technique in reading comprehension’’ the indicators are:
a.Skimming technique is a technique used to look for the ‘ gist ‘ of what the outhor is saying without a lot of detail
b.Skimming technique is used after a person has already carefully studied and she needs to reviewthe major ideas and concepts.
c.Skimming technique is used if one only wants a priview or an overview of the material to students is as an alternative way to increase the students’ achievement.
2.Variable II. “ The students’ achievement’’ the indicators are :
a.The students’ express the ideas well in reading
b.The students’ have high understanding about Reading Comprehension
c.The students’ have high score in Reading
F. The Technique in Analyzing Data
To know the influence of skimming technique in reading comprehension, it is used the steps :
a.The writer will collect the answer sheet and the next gives the score.
b.The writer will use the formula “ t “ test, with fisher formula :

M1 : mean of X1 (experimen group)
M2 : mean of X2 (control group)
∑X1 : multiplication of score deviation of X1
∑X2 : Multiplication of score deviation of X2
N1 : Number of sample from experiment group 1
N2 : Number of sample from experiment group 2

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