easy writing trick

Easy Writing

Easy Writing
The Easy Writing instant-activity kit

includes the Easy Writing Fall activity, the Easy Writing Template, and a PDF file of this tutorial. You can find these components
by opening the Language Arts Templates folder and then the Easy Writing folder in the New area of Classroom Suite.

The Easy Writing
Template provides errorless writing practice for students of all ages, including switch users Students use the provided sentence beginning and a choice of sentence endings to create text about a topic or theme. The text is read aloud by the computer as students make selections. Three story starters (Spring is, Winter is, and I like) are ready for you to add customized sentence endings. You will also learn how to create your own topic for a story.
In this tutorial, you will start by exploring the Easy Writing Fall activity. Later in the tutorial, you will learn to create customized writing activities, using the Easy Writing template.

Universal Design
The activities you create using the Easy Writing Template and Classroom Suite are designed for all students, including those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Create a Folder for Your New

When you use this template, you will be creating new activities for your students to use. To organize these activities, you will want to create your own folder in the
Activities area of Classroom Suite. 1. At the Navigation Screen, click the Activities
button. Click the New Folder button on the right side of the screen. A dialog box will ask you to name the folder. Give it the name of one of your to get full this trick download here

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